What is this blog going to be about?

Before we go any further, it’s a good time (while only a few people are reading this – a big THANK YOU to everybody who has visited and shared so far!) to explore what this blog is about – it’s still January 2013 and while most people have already broken their New Year’s Resolutions, I’d initially thought it would be a perfect time to come up with my own. (Hey, who said I had to decide by January 1st?)

I have been toying with a few ideas on what the direction or the purpose of this blog should be. At first, the theme of this blog *was* going to be ‘living and thinking differently’: I started with a post about a different way of thinking about work and jobs, using the context of my own experience; illustrating that ‘real work’ can, and SHOULD, include work you love – and not just what everyone else tells you ‘real work’ is.

This theme of ‘living and thinking differently’ was going to encompass anything I can write on that I can challenge or bring a different perspective to, rather than the perspective(s) or ‘wisdom’ that is generally accepted out there. Looking at my hastily scribbled notes, the topic ideas I thought I’d cover included: thoughts on writing/art and the creative life, travel, the relationship between art and business, and empathy (that is, seeing and thinking the perspective of a different person).

Now, some of you may be surprised: these are very different subjects than the ones I’ve written about as a freelance journalist. I make no apologies for wanting to write about something completely different, or unexpected.

However, I know that the focus or purpose of a blog can change; and it is often the case that the blog you start – as with the business you start – is often not the blog (or business) you end up with. For now, perhaps it would be better for me to keep an open mind and stay flexible: to simply write what *I* want to write about, and see where it goes from there.