Choosing one word for 2014: What’s your word?

Last month, I read about blogger Alece Ronzino’s approach to New Year’s Resolutions: instead of making long lists of goals, choose just one word for the entire year, and use that one word as a focus to guide everything you do for the next 365 days. On her blog, separate to the #OneWord365 project that she set up six years ago (and that I linked to above), she talks a little more about it. So I’ve been wondering: if I had to choose just one word to focus on for 2014, one word to guide my thoughts, actions and decisions in 2014, what would it be?

 (Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy. I guess ‘travel’ was the word summing up my 2013.)

Admittedly, I’m late to the party – it is now mid-February, after all – but I think I’ve now got it… or at least, I’ve now managed to come up with a word that I’m hoping will serve as a good guide for me in 2014.  Continue reading

Getting things done: How tiny, daily habits build up (or: what I learned from my January mini-resolution)


So, we’re one month into the New Year (and if you observe Chinese New Year like I do, we’re also right at the beginning of another New Year), and this means it’s probably a good time to reflect on one’s New Year’s Resolutions so far. Or, in my case, mini-resolutions so far. And, of course, if we’ve learned anything from them. Continue reading